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  Finding Freedom with a Job You Love

You may be wondering how some people can earn their income doing something they love, and yet, you feel stuck in a job that is making you miserable and cannot see a way out. You long for freedom but have no idea how to release yourself from the trap to even think straight let alone get started.

It’s easier than you think

Firstly, please be easy on yourself, lovely. The very fact you are feeling this makes you incredibly special. A lot of people in this world are so fast asleep that they cannot even comprehend that there may be a better way of life. They take it as a given that this is their life for now and eternity.

Secondly, remember if it is possible in the world, then it is possible for you. I am deadly serious about this. Do not think that it could never happen for you because you are too much [fill in the blank] or not enough [fill in the blank]. I promise you that those people you are looking up to are likely to have as much self-doubt as the next person. But despite that mind chatter, they choose to believe in themselves and that anything is possible. The difference is that they went ahead and took action.

In this post, I wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty and show you HOW you could make money from literally ANY hobby/passion/interest.

Finding the right idea

I will touch on this incredible topic quickly merely to spark some inspired ideas in your beautiful mind and, hopefully, give you some places to start. I also have a handy free printable Simply download your printabe planner HERE (Please note that you may be to register to access first) which lists 100 different creative product ideas. My intention with this gift is for you to mark off the ones you like the sound of and those you don’t so that you can start to narrow your focus. The goal is to find an area where you can do something positive for you and your family.

Please allow the process to take its time. Don’t push it. Don’t get cross that you keep changing your mind. I believe that this is an important part of the process and shows that you are thinking about everything properly. See it as taking your ideas on a date. You rarely marry the first man you meet, so don’t feel like you have to commit to the first idea you have. Allow yourself to wine and dine as many of these ideas as you like without guilt until you find one that you are smitten enough with to take it to the next level.

But don’t wait until fireworks are going off all over the place either. We often need to make a move in some direction for things to gain clarity. Clarity comes from action and not from allowing a million and one ideas to swirl around your mind.

So promise me this... if you continue to read on, commit to doing something... whether it is research, experiments or putting an offer into the world to test whether there is a market for what you are thinking. I was actually told this in my early 20s by something called Business Link. When I first was looking at starting my business, I was advised to pop a small advert in the local paper and see if people were interested before doing anything else... I know this makes me sound ancient, but luckily for you, with the birth of social media, it is easier than ever to test your ideas before walking down the aisle.

How do you start?

So, take the free download (Remember to download your printabe planner HERE (and possibly register first) and then look at the very generic options below on how you can turn that interest into a sustainable income that could give you the freedom that you crave.

Blogging/Social media influencer

While these are two (or more!) very different things, the concept is the same. Personally, I would opt for blogging as it is a little more passive (eventually) than social media. But if you are on social anyway, then there is no harm in jumping in. The idea is to produce content, which could be written text like this, voicemails or video. This is a pretty long blog post, so don’t feel like you have to write reams of prose... they can be short and witty, instructional, entertaining or just capturing your life.

The way you make this pay is when you have an audience you can send in the direction of a paid link, a sponsor or your own products. When you have that following, you can honestly monetise it in any way that feels right to you. To get started, you could set up an affiliate link on Amazon, which is free and easy. They don’t pay a lot but if this is starting as a no-pressure experiment, then it will teach you a lot and may just pay for your Christmas Gifts... You could simply recommend the products you use with an affiliate link or perhaps you could have a blog around a particular ‘niche’ and become an expert in that field. So if you love dogs, you could link to all the dog products you recommend, dog books and dog lover gifts... you get the idea. And, I think you would be hard pushed to find an interest in which this would not apply.

Amazon Store Owner

Instead of directing people to Amazon via an affiliate link, then perhaps you could set up your own Amazon store. This is something I have yet to experiment with, but it is on my list! The idea is that you find a product line that is selling well, find suppliers using items such as Alibaba, and then, sell your own version via Amazon. People are making millions by doing this, and you could even get Amazon to store and ship your products so that it becomes hands off.

Affiliate Marketing & JV Opportunities

Following on from the blogging, it is important to note that you can find affiliate opportunities EVERYWHERE. So in your chosen field, there may be some companies you can partner with, and for every sale you send them, you get a commission. You can also partner with companies and perhaps be paid for leads or your time in promoting them. You can also earn money from affiliate marketing without a blog, which is why it needs a separate entry in this section. If the commission is high enough, you could link direct via adverts and posts… not something I would recommend with Amazon as the commissions are not huge but something which you could do with some opportunities. I have seen some affiliate options that earn you as much as £1000 per successful sale.

E-book Publisher

If you know a subject well or have experience that may help someone, then you could write an ebook (easier than you think!). You could even turn your best blog posts into an ebook. The way this would work is that you continue to write your blog on your chosen topic and then link to your ebook as often as you can. Again, I have heard people making a full income from ebooks alone.


Self-publishing has become so much easier. So if you wanted to turn your ebook into a hardcopy book that is sold in bookstores, then this is also an option. I learned this week of a lady writing romantic novels, and she was earning £5000 a month from book sales on Amazon.


If you are naturally creative, then we must consider things that you can make. This could be edible items, keepsakes, corporate gifts or homeware. There is no end to the number of things you could make to sell and is only limited by your imagination. Obviously when going down this route, you need to think about your profits more carefully, and pricing things we make can be tricky as it can be very personal to us.

Workshop host

You could run a workshop in almost any area. So think of your favourite topic and how you could run a workshop in that area. Could it be a kid’s activity or a lady’s evening? What about a free workshop where you upsell things? Maybe you charge per space. You could run creative workshops, supportive workshops, business workshops, spiritual workshops, workshops around cooking or even workshops around issues you have experienced in life. Remember, for anything you struggled with and overcame, then others will be a few steps behind, still struggling. Think of how you could help them by sharing your experience with them. This is what I am doing with this blog post... I am paying it forward… sharing all my knowledge for free to help people who are feeling lost in the hope that it helps them move forward. Obviously, I hope that a small proportion will approach me to help them through my training and coaching program, which is how I fund what I do... you could do the same.


Many of you will have experienced or researched an MLM company. Or a network marketing company. There are so many around, and in a later post, I plan to compile a list of these companies so that you can review them. While they have a bad rep because of a few hungry sales agents, I believe they can offer a really wonderful starting point for people to cut their entrepreneurial teeth on.

Online school

As I have built my Create Your Way To Success online school for women with a dream, you could create your own school too. I fully recommend checking out Teachable HERE if you wish to start for free. I LOVE it, and it powers my entire business. I pay $100 a month for my account, and it is worth every penny. People have created schools on the most incredibly diverse set of topics from decluttering, money management, debt, wine, business, social media marketing, parenting, depression, health, and the list goes on and on. What do you know enough about to START a school? You could even bring in experts for lots of the content, which is how I filled out a lot of areas when I began. I invited authors and experts to come and talk to my students and then captured that into the course for future students to access.


There are so many freelance job search engines online now for you to advertise your skills as one-off projects. You could easily list yourself on these to get started and bring in some cash to get you off the ground. I read about one designer who did an experiment where they did a month of ‘Fiverr’ gigs instead of other work, and he made almost as much. He said it was a month of small, quick jobs instead of big projects, but it is amazing how it adds up.

Take the next step

Obviously, I could go on and on, but I hope that these few areas I touched on inspired you enough to look into something in a bit more detail. Before you leave,if you haven't already register HERE to grab your free copy of the planner which also includes the printable inside along with supporting videos and information , and PLEASE help me help more and more people to unlock their dreams by sharing this post with your friends. It would mean so much to me and may be the exact thing someone you love needs to hear right now. I am trying to share this knowledge so that fewer people feel stuck and trapped by the outdated system and more empowered to take back control and do something for themselves.

Don’t just dream, dare to make it happen.

Victoria xx

PS: Don't forget to download your printabe planner HERE to grab your completely free copy..