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Work from home – What’s it like to be your own boss with a young family?

Work from home – What’s it like to be your own boss with a young family?

Today has brought home to me, yet again, the benefits of being your own boss. Yes, the initial decision was very scary – I would be solely responsible for my income, sick pay (what sick pay?), pension contributions and more. Would it leave me with time to be with my young family or would I spend less time with them? Endless questions! But today, my youngest daughter is poorly and is unable to go to school. So this morning, rather than do the dreaded phone call to my employer, debating whether to be truthful and say I needed to be home with a sick child, or lie and say it is me who is feeling ill, I get to stay here and work from home – free of guilt. I’ve been there before – employed, having to take time off for a sick child with my boss either being sympathetic on the phone but then criticising the burden I have caused to my colleagues or worse, being downright rude to me and piling on the guilt. The other option is trying to find alternative child care, so you can go to work and leave your sick child with someone else – what parent wants that? But this morning was different. I am my own boss. I cuddled my little one back into her duvet and set up my laptop next to her ready to work.

It’s different when you can work from home

When I researched how to be your own boss with a young family many years ago I knew it was because I wanted a better work-life balance. Now, when I get asked what it’s like to be your own boss with a young family – isn’t it really hard work? Do you find you are working and just leaving the children in front of their ipads? Are you working all hours into the night?The answer for me is “no”. I could do I suppose but that would defeat the object of why I wanted to be my own boss. It was to get away from the disadvantages of being employed (see the above questions!) whilst lining someone else’s pockets with profit.

The biggest bonus that always comes to mind first is “I get to spend more time with my family”. If you work from home for yourself your success is directly related to how hard you work but you can work smartly, at times to suit you and your family. You can do sick days with little ones guilt free. I never have to miss another school play, a music concert, even those assemblies where parents are invited to attend (to sit squished at the back of the hall on chairs for tiny people that I can fit half my bottom on,  to look at the back of my child’s head). I could never justify being late for work to attend “just” an assembly but now I see my children grinning away over their shoulders at me and it means so much to them (and me) for me to be there. The dreaded chicken pox, colds, coughs, sick bugs – bring it all on! I can deal with it. I can work from home.

Work from home with family

In order to be successful at this though you need motivation and determination – but if you have a young family you already have that in bucket loads!

So, it’s 11.30am and I’m snuggled up next to my daughter – answering my work emails – best of both worlds!

If you want to be your own boss – it is completely achievable with a young family. You just need to know where to start looking and make sure you have support – working for yourself should not necessarily mean working completely alone!

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