Let's be honest...running any sort of business is challenge as you have so many roles to manage, especially if you are working alone.

Add into the mix a creative mind and everything becomes so much harder as you fight your butterfly brain which simply wants to float around landing on beautiful things. If you are running a creative business then not only do you have the normal challenges BUT you also have to think of new products which lead you down the path of temptation, you have to find time to make these ideas happen in the real world AND then you have to find time to market and sell them.

What if a community of like minded people joined together and all did what they do best, along side people who are all doing what they do best... and together take the strain off each other while growing faster than they could alone? That is the idea behind CREATE.

Who said we had to be little islands (or a dinghy) all fighting to win the race all by ourselves? I would rather build a yacht and sail around while we all party together, safe in the knowledge that the jobs we don't have time for are being handled perfectly by someone far more suited than us.

So, let me ask you.... do you want to grow your creative business alone on a little dinghy OR come and share the weight with a group of new friends on-board a yacht which can travel at speeds which would send the dinghy into a spin.

We REALLY hope you choose the yacht and join us here today.